Community Gardening (E&V)

How can we create a garden for a community of nature-loving designers?


We want to establish a space at our University, where designers can meet, hang out, experience and learn about nature.

Some potential purposes for such a garden could be:

  • Learning: We learn how to set up and sustain biological systems (flower beds, insect colonies, food production, etc.).
  • Experiment: We try out biodesign ideas (grow our own bio materials, such as silk worms, bamboo or mushrooms).
  • Exchange: Since these experiments happen in public, we can exchange ideas with other students.
  • A beautiful place: Such a garden could be a beautiful place to chat, calm down, relax and have a nice cup of coffee.
  • …what else?

Online platform

In parallel to the direct experience we want to set up an online platform.

Its aims could be:

  • Connection: Keep in touch with former nature-loving students and similar communities in other universities.
  • Collection of knowledge: We could store useful tips and tutorials around gardening, biomaterials, biolab experiments, etc. and share them with others.
  • … what else?

What we are going to learn

In this course we want to learn the following things:

  • How to grow your own food – the basics of gardening. (soil, fertiliser, seeds, etc.)
  • How to build your own plant pot. (Yes, we are going to build stuff.)
  • How to communicate your project in a public space. (Exhibition design, infographics, etc.)
  • How to use WordPress and social media to excite others about your work. (Develop a contemporary online strategy)

What we are going to make

By the end of the semester we want to achieve the following things:

  • Restore the existing beds of our garden
  • Build new plots
  • Create a community space
  • set up a number of biodesign experiments
  • set up an inviting and flourishing virtual counterpart to our garden
  • Have a nice meal together of our own grown food.

Please have a look at our schedule -> here!