Digital Basics

This is a basic introduction for novel design students in the design of dynamic systems (as a larger term for disciplines like “interaction design” or “ux design”). It is roughly divided in tools, media, and materials.

In each of the 13 sessions we cover a design topic under four different aspects:

Design Context

We shed light on important topics of contemporary communication design. This simply must know this stuff in order to understand what designers do today.

Design Method

Next, we want to understand how designers work today. The introduction of various technologies has led to enormous shifts in the daily lives of designers. We lay out contemporaries design practices and their grounding.

Design Technology

Design is about making stuff. We want to get a basic understanding of (primarily digital) contemporary design tools.


We are going to work in groups on small design assignments to get to know each other and solidify what we have learned.

Have a look at the schedule of winter semester 2020/2021!