Eggshell Crystals

by Aurelia Pleyer

#materialStudy #productDesign

The oval shape of an egg shell appears to be intact, the broken shell is waste. This limitation of only one “correct” form hides from us the fact that materials are never simply lost as waste. Their form is in constant transformation. For instance you can grow beautiful crystals from broken egg shells.

You can grow eggshell crystals from eggshells, vinegar essence, a mould and some paper. The shapes and structures vary depending on how much eggshells and vinegar you use. From round to sharp, over concerted or distributed, small or big, the crystals shows a huge range of different shapes. As long as the acid soaked basis is wet, the crystals will keep growing and transforming. As soon as the crystals dry they become fragile and break down.

This 3D printed form lets you grow eggshell crystals on your kitchen table. The groove around the form can be filled with crushed eggshells and vinegar essence. When you add a paper roll,  the crystals will grow at the highest point of the roll. The eggcup supports the growing crystals and emphasizes the aesthetic value of the eggshell crystals that were once meant to be trash.

Instagram: aureliapleyer