by Tobias Tr├╝benbacher

#inspirationalObjects #materialStudy #productDesign #installation

Our way of producing and consuming food causes serious problems with drastic ecological consequences. We urgently need to rethink our food production.

However, we are very reluctant to change our eating habits. 

Mealworms are a viable alternative to our damaging food system. They are nutritious, eco-friendly and delicious. It is still uncommon in many food-cultures to eat insects. To get used to these unfamiliar ingredients let us first integrate them in our everyday life!

I designed a foodtruck in which mealworms can be bred, cooked and distributed to passersby.

By introducing the process of cultivating and eating them into the public space, people actively get in touch with it.

Moreover, the foodtruck also enhances the relationship between humans and insects and their appreciation as a valuable food resource as the breeding does take place hidden behind the doors of factory halls, but transparent in immediate proximity. Consumption and production merge.