Time Machines

by Sophia Schullan


One minute of boredom can feel like hours whereas one minute of fun flies by like a few seconds. Our perception of time is stretchable. Can design influence our perception of time?

These machines waste your time in a different way by being pointless, unwinnable, destructive or only working by a hair’s breadth.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

… Clap you’re hands. This machine’s cymbals never meet one another though so there is no sound.


Turning the crank on this machine makes it saw its own crank off.

Save your Breath

The task is to put out the candle by turning the crank on the ventilator. However 2 gears translate the movement in a much slower one so the flame can’t be extinguished.

Perfect Match

The match on this machine is transported to the sparkler but will be burnt away shortly before lighting it

What a Blast

When turning the crank the needle moves towards the balloon, before it reaches it, the ballon gives way. So needle and balloon dance around each other without a result.