Our joy of everything alive drives this design research project at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. We explore the interplay of nature and technology and design life-friendly relations towards ourselves, between people and to our fellow life-forms.

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Why we design

We want to understand how design connects us with nature. We start with simple questions:

  • What can we learn through our bodies?
  • How can we integrate nature in our everyday lives?
  • What does “natural” beauty look like?
  • How can we design with biomaterials?
  • How can we design biological time?
  • How can we design our food habits?

Over time we gather a collection of answers to these questions.

What we make

We make things, pictures and systems. Which format a student uses depends on their curiosity and the research question at hand. Their project results cover a wide spectrum from visual to tangible, and from inspirational to applied products.

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How we do it

Design is all about making, so we obsess with how things can be done. There is a number of design methods depending on what we want to achieve and which tool or medium we use.

During their studies students get an overview of the most common design strategies. They also learn how to employ the best course of action for their own projects.

Here is an overview of our favourite design methods.


This design research project is an inspirational framework for students in which they attain design competence and learn to successfully integrate their knowledge and skills in society.

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